Landscaping Design

We offer Springfield, MO, landscape designing that combines beautiful design with functional features to ensure you save money on your landscaping in the long-run. A poorly designed landscape can cause insect infestations or even water issues in the future. Our team of professional designers and installation experts have years of experience in creating the perfect outdoor spaces for your home or business. We believe in using a holistic design that will combine nature, water, your style to create your ideal outdoor spaces. Our team will work with you on a beautiful design and ensure that the right plants are used to maximize the space's functionality. We don't just believe in creating stunning landscape designs for your business or home; we also want to prioritize nature. Through careful examination of your spaces, soil, and additional plants and vegetation, we can create an ideal plan for your Springfield, MO landscape design. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation to discuss your dream landscaping. Let LandEscapes design something truly exceptional for your home or business.

Custom Hardscaping

Are you dreaming of grilling up some steaks in a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen? LandEscapes can create an outdoor patio or kitchen that will give you the best reason to throw those summer get-togethers. Hardscape Design is typically any design that uses formed and poured concrete or natural rock as the primary material and we can create a beautiful design for you based on what you're looking for. Planning and designing is the most crucial aspect of hardscapes. We want the design to be perfect before beginning the installation and construction phase since going back to fix or change something could be potentially costly. That's why we'll work directly with you to ensure our design is perfect for you and your family. LandEscapes is your Springfield, MO full-service landscaping firm, especially when designing your dream patios, kitchens, are other hardscape spaces.

Outdoor Lighting

Finding the perfect lighting for your ideal outdoor space is harder than it looks. Our landscape designers will carefully choose and install outdoor lighting to enhance the landscaping's overall look and improve the lighting. Highlighting certain aspects of your landscaping, like canopy trees or particular pathways, can create a magical feel for your space. Lighting is, in many ways, an art that our team believes can create drastic changes to your space. We will carefully consider how the design will look by night and strategically place outdoor lighting. Path lighting is often used in landscaping designs, and it can be beneficial and beautiful. Path lighting can safely guide guests around your outdoor space while simultaneously giving glimpses of the lovely landscaping. Besides path lighting, there are several other lighting techniques we can discuss with you that will create a beautiful and dramatic nighttime aesthetic for your landscaping. Give us a call today to work directly with our team at LandEscapes to ensure your dream is our goal.

Water Features

Adding a water feature to your landscape design can make a huge difference. The beauty of water trickling over rocks or filling a koi pond can truly transform an outdoor space to the next level. LandEscapes is your trusted Springfield, MO landscape artist with experts who have spent years working with and installing water features into designs. Whether for your home or business, including a water feature into any design can only bring your outdoor space to life. Our experienced staff will design and install water features for your landscape to create the best tones and aesthetic appeal for your ideal outdoor space.


We proudly offer our clients full-service Springfield, MO, lawn, irrigation, and drainage services and solutions. We're one of the few landscaping services that set ourselves apart by providing irrigation services. We think proper water control is essential to lawn care, and our goal is for you to have the best landscaping possible. Water care is a big part of ensuring your plants stay healthy and hydrated. Proper irrigation and water management are essential to your landscaping's continued success and require more than just the installation of sprinklers. It encompasses site evaluation to determine water and drainage needs, slope, exposure, special plant needs, and soil type. We will design, install, and service a customized irrigation system that will help reduce plant stress and loss, lower your utility costs, boost chemical performance, and improve your turf renovation. Who knew irrigation was so essential?


Here's the thing: we know you're incredibly busy. That's why we offer residential and commercial landscape maintenance for your Springfield, Missouri home. From trimming, weeding, mulching, pruning trees, and more, we can ensure your outside spaces are maintained and looking just as good as when we designed and installed your landscaping. By using LandEscapes, you're ensuring that no detail of your lawn and landscaping maintenance will be overlooked. Our professional team of landscapers won't only design the space for you, but help take care of it, too. If you have any questions about our landscaping maintenance or any of our other services, feel free to give us a call today. You can also check out our Facebook page here.

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